The Coupling adapter

Der Kupplungsadapter

About our coupling adapter

For transfer journeys of rail vehicles, we have developed a coupling adapter with integrated height-adjustable coupling carrier. The coupling adapter (KA) becomes an integral part of a Dmz, Bimz, Sgns, Shimmns, Habfis or other types of coupling cars and remains permanently mounted on it, installed on one side of the coupling car instead of the screw coupling and external buffers. The height-adjustable coupling carrier (KT) is screwed at the front of the head of the coupling adapter,  onto which in turn a center buffer coupler can be mounted.

With the coupling trolley, it is possible to transport rail vehicles with center buffer couplings of all types. These can now also be incorporated into a train set whose vehicles are equipped with the usual screw couplers and external buffers. Two coupler cars are always used in pairs for this purpose. Each end of the vehicle to be transported (or of the vehicle set equipped with center buffer couplers) is connected to a coupling car. This means that direction changes are also possible – for example in terminus stations.

The variable coupling height depends on the wagon type and the type of our coupling unit (KA+KT). Depending on the type, we can achieve a coupler height of 400mm from the top of the rail to 1400mm in the middle of the coupler.

We offer individual configurations ranging from the coupling unit (KA+KT) as a single component to fully equipped coupling trolleys including the coupling unit (KA+KT). Our Services are provided according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EN and are CE certified.


Here are some examples: